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Vomir - Vomir (2019)

absolutely wonderful release. as usual vomir brings some great walls to the table, each taking up its own entire disc spanning a total of 6 discs and over 7 hours of content. While there is not much to be said necessarily about each one, i can say that there is enough variety between walls to make this truly worthwhile and some pretty chilling surprises in both the opener and closer tracks, which only make it that much better. highly recommend to both vomir and hnw fans.

Disc 1
1 Untitled 78:22
Disc 2
1 Untitled 74:06
Disc 3
1 Untitled 77:54
Disc 4
1 Untitled 76:57
Disc 5
1 Untitled 75:07
Disc 6
1 Untitled 73:43