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이달의 소녀 - & (2021)

in all honesty, Loona's "&'... is a bit of a mixed bag. i think the group has finally nailed consistency, which is something they historically struggled a lot with in my opinion, but it seems they cant really hold onto those peaks for very long still.

PTT verses are really nice, and i believe the production to be rather unique to Loona and good in its own right, but the chorus is terribly obnoxious and feels like your stereotypical kpop group's bombastic anthem. WOW and Be Honest also have lots of great parts but fail to be either memorable, good enough to come back to or both (though, unlike PTT, they have much more bearable choruses). The last half of this EP is its saving grace though. Dance On My Own is (to my knowledge) the groups first non-single all-english song, which was enough on its own to stand out to me. on top of that the song is rather catchy and dance-y, with very empowering lyrics too. A Different Night isn’t the most eventful track but it’s still a pretty good track i wouldn’t skip too often. U R is a good closer, it utilizes some acoustic plucking and has a slower and more calming flow akin to their other song "Universe", off of 2020's "12:00" EP.

All in all, there are more good moments then bad but not enough great moments to really matter. Still worth listening to for fans of the group, but i definitely would not call this EP essential.

1 & 1:19
2 PTT (Paint the Town) 3:21
3 WOW 2:58
4 Be Honest 3:16
5 Dance on My Own 2:37
6 A Different Night 3:38
7 U R 3:04